The loft on your driver is a key factor that helps determine the success of your You can have it measured by a golf pro, or do it yourself with a smartphone.For simplicity's sake, we've listed results from one driver in the chart below. The findings are striking! The findings are striking! FINDING: As loft increases, so do launch.Dec 16, 2013 So in order to determine your ideal driver loft, you have to first start by correctly assessing your swing (something that can be done at most golf .

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The loft of any golf club, including a driver, is what determines how high a shot will go when the club head strikes the ball, according to Loft is the degree of the angle formed between a straight line from the ground and the club head, when the club head is sitting squarely.Hmm, interesting, but I don't really believe it. This is why; my last driver had a measured loft of 11.8*, (but on the bottom of the club head it said 10.5*).Wishon Ping 27 27 Driver Loft Chart.

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  1. If/when your fairways are mowed very short, or are hard, firm and more conducive to roll, the driver loft which will result in the most total distance will be between 1 to 1.5 degrees lower than the lofts offered in the chart for maximum carry distance.Golf club loft angles and distances chart Average Loft Angle and Distances of Clubs. Distances are measured in yards based on average amateur male and female players ranging from short, mid, and long hitters.The least-lofted golf club, other than a putter, is the driver. Drivers are typically lofted between 8 and 11 degrees, so drivers with lofts of 9.5 and 10.5 degrees are .

  2. Ever since a 2003 "Golf Digest" study said that most golfers needed more loft on their drivers, the quest for the "correct" loft has heated up. More loft means numerically higher--a 12-degree driver has more loft than a 9-degree. But although we can say for sure that most golfers.The clubs are listed in order of shot distance, from shortest (putter) all the way up to the longest (driver). Club lengths will of course vary, to suit the height of the golfer - some typical club lengths are given. In addition to being a Golf Club Loft Chart, the table is a Golf Club Distance Chart.Golf Driver Loft and Max Distance by Robert Cotter (About the Author) Professional Golf Ball Engineer Director of Swing Instruction, Instant Golf® There is a revolution on the PGA Tour regarding Correct Driver Loft and Golf Ball Selection for max distance and accuracy. All the rules have changed, yet the golfing public has been left in the dark. The evidence is on display on every.

  3. Golf club loft angles and distances chart. Average Loft Angle and Distances of Clubs. Distances are Driver, 8 – 13 Degrees, 200-230-260, 150-175-200.Golf Monthly looks at the different elements of a golf swing that affect the amount of loft you should play on your driver.May 23, 2010 When she started playing golf seriously, six years ago, she used a driver with 9 degrees of loft and could carry the ball about 170 yards.

Stop by the local golf store, grab a few drivers and ask the pro in the store to help measure you speed. Once you determine the mph associated with your speed, you can easily begin to narrow down a loft range that’s right.The loft of any golf club, including a driver, is what determines how high a shot will go when the club head strikes the ball, according to drivers offer up to 4 or 5 degrees of loft changing, depending on the brand and model. When you change the loft of the driver using these settings, you will also change the lie, which is the angle of the shaft to the ground at address.

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