Mas driver download odbc 90 0 4 [last version] Fixed bug #73807 (Performance problem with processing post request over 2000000. Creating an ODBC Data Source Name. Select the “MAS 90 4.0 ODBC Driver” from the driver list. If you do not see this driver.Connecting to the SOTAMAS90 dsn in Access or Visual Basic 6 is rather simple. But in trying to do the same thing in VB.NET I am running in to some errors. The first noticeable problem is when making a new OleDbConnection the providex MAS 90 32-Bit ODBC Driver does not even show up. The Microsoft.

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Usually the 64 bit O/S has a special Control panel called "32 bit control panel" or something similar to that. Normally you would find the 32 bit ODBC Admionistrator in there with the 32 bit SOTAMAS90 driver.MAS 90 ships with an ODBC driver called SOTAMAS90. Depending on the version of MAS that you have, it may or may not have a 64 bit driver available. The 32 bit driver can typically be found (on 64 bit systems) in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe.

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2 days ago I'm running a 64 bit operating system and when I look in the 32 bit When I look at the drivers tab, the MAS 90 4.0 ODBC driver is present.Mar 27, 2012 Script to mirror data from Sage MAS 90 ERP to MS SQL Server sure to use the 32 bit ODBC tool) -One using the MAS90 ProvideX driver .

  1. MAS 90 32-BIT ODBC DRIVER - Looks like it will be a late night at the office For Paperless Office to work on a Windows bit server, install the bit version of the driver.I'm having an issue with a clients MAS90 ODBC connection to Laserfiche 9.2. x32 version of Laserfiche Workflow and the x32 driver for SOTAMAS. If you have a 64 bit WF installation, you need to use 64 bit data sources.

  2. Installing MAS 90 4.0 ODBC Driver - Architecture Mismatch nbirkes over 3 years ago We just installed MAS 200 v4.5 on a new server and will migrating.Jan 30, 2019 EXE from the "C:\Windows\SysWOW64" folder to access the 32-bit ODBC Data Source Select MAS 90 4.0 ODBC Driver and click the Finish.

  3. Message Edited by JimPetrie on What application are you getting this 32-git from specifically? Mas 90 32-bit odbc only field that is truncated in the image is the provider string, which I included above.The driver could be installed on select workstations. If a workstation needed both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit they would have to have different DSNs (logical Data set name) in order to have the system identify which driver.

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